About Us

Roots & Wings is a nature and culture based private school.
Our multi-age classrooms specialize in a wider based learning scope for our students.
Our environment is peaceful, inspiring, creative, enticing, joyful, supportive and healthy!
On this page you will find information about our philosophy, our staff and many friends that work with us throughout the years!

Our Philosophy

  • We believe that each child who comes to us is an individual who brings both their strengths and their weaknesses with them.
  • We honor each child’s unique differences and accommodate their social, emotional, and academic needs to the best of our abilities.
  • We believe children are able to learn through observation, experimentation and exploration. By offering our children a safe place to explore and reflect, we feel they will develop a stronger understanding of academic principles and be able to make personal connections to the curriculum.
  • We believe that children benefit from not only playing with their peers but also through group discussion, formal lessons and activities. We structure our day so children get the benefits of all aspects of our learning environment.
  • We believe that when children are allowed to explore the natural world they can create a deeper understanding and appreciation for the world around them.
  • Children will spend time outside of the school challenging themselves physically, mentally and emotionally.
  • We believe that education should create the circumstances for which our students to show their true selves. We create the conditions under which each student will flourish as individuals that will complement the whole of their community.

Meet Our Staff

Jessica Burlett  has her Early Childhood Education Certificate from Community College of Vermont. She is also certified in Mindfulness through the Omega Wellness Center. Jessica has lived in Vermont all her life. She has a deep affinity for nature and is a champion of peace & love. Miss Jessica has worked with children most of her life & has owned/operated a preschool center since 2002. In 2011, She built this school on the foundation of the hope of humanity and all its potential. In her spare time, she practices body work with the focus on energy flow.

April Wolk is originally from Western Massachusetts. Miss April attended BayPath College and received a BA in Elementary Education. She is licensed to teach grades K-6 in the state of Vermont and holds the department of education’s “Highly Qualified Teacher” status. April has been working in the education field since 2005 and has been teaching in a multiage setting since 2011. She moved to Vermont to start a family and embrace the Vermont ways of life. She is passionate about teaching young children and has put her heart and soul into her classroom at the Academy. April is Reiki certified and is a Feng Shui hobbyist. Her special interest is creating inspirational spaces with a focus on the healthy flow of energy through a room. April has applied these talents to the classroom designs at Roots & Wings.

Corey Kendall attended Castleton University for two years in the elementary education program. She has been working in education since 2003. She moved to VT when she was twelve, after traveling the world with her family. After several years in a public school setting, she is pleased to be working at a small, private school; a place where she feels at home; a place where her heart is.  Miss Corey’s special talents include: arts, crafts, and photography. She also has a talent for blending academics with the natural world. She is currently our PTO president with her focus being on raising money for our specials and enrichment programming.  Miss Corey is currently working towards her Montessori Teaching Certification.

Specials Team

Jen LeFebre has been studying Spanish language and culture for twenty years, starting at high school in her hometown in Michigan. She holds undergraduate degrees in Anthropology, Sociology, and Spanish, and a Master’s degree in Education. She taught 4th-8th grade Spanish for four years in Vermont, and spent last school year teaching 1st and 2nd grade at a bilingual environmental school in  Monteverde, Costa Rica. She has been connected to Roots and Wings since 2011 when her son Ari started preschool there and is very excited to be sharing her love of he Spanish language with the students!

Jamie Matta is the owner/operator of Fair Haven Fitness. He has been working there since 1995. Together, with his wife Meghan, they have built a successful business for our community around their beliefs in family, passion, and hard work. Jamie’s passion is strength and conditioning. He enjoys working with any age group who wants to achieve a higher level of physical fitness. As a fitness professional, he enjoys setting goals with his clients and students and then taking the journey to achieve them. Jamie has been working with the students at Roots & Wings since 2011.

 Cristy Murphy has been working with children for many years. Cristy has an education background; she spent nine years teaching primary aged children, before becoming a stay at home mother of two boys. After her first son was born she began her own yoga practice and then started to practice yoga with her children. Cristy completed her children’s yoga training with ChildLight Yoga. Her amazing training experience inspired her to create “Kids Together Yoga”. Her classes are theme based with a focus on breath work, yoga postures, playing, singing and relaxing. She helps children develop self-awareness, mindfulness and sensitivity for those around them and their environment. Using her background in Elementary Education and her yoga training, Cristy creates meaningful classes for children of all ages.

 Ryan Dubois studied the Players School of Music as well as The Recording Workshop. Since then, he has been playing, recording, and producing music in Vermont. He has been teaching music since 2008. Ryan’s goal is to encourage children to express themselves by writing and performing their own music. He plays guitar and sings in his band, The DuBois.


Meet Our Friends

Special people who have worked with us throughout the years.


Miss Desiree
Teacher’s Assistant
2013 – 2015


Miss Annie
Wings Teacher
2013 – 2015


Mr. Joel
Assistant Teacher


Mr. Morgan
Wings Teacher
Foreign Language
2013 – 2014


Mr. Archie
Nature Camp
Behavior Specialist
2011 – 2014


Miss Molly
Roots Teacher
Reading Specialist
2011 – 2013

Interested in a tour?

All prospective students and their parents/guardians must visit the school and meet with an appropriate classroom teacher prior to enrolling.